Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Airdrop?

Cryptocurrency airdrops are basically free coins, dropped directly into your wallet by a company or a project, completely free of charge. You just have to perform some tasks depending on the requirements of a particular Airdrop.

I am A Beginner, how should I start?

Welcome to the best Airdrop site for crypto. Getting started, it’s best to build your basic knowledge base. We offer you a Knowledge Base details to assist you in navigating the various technical issues you may encounter once you start. It includes detailed instructions, step-by-step tutorials, and more, organized airdrop details into categories. You will be able to learn the mysterious world of crypto through these guides and tutorials, while also being able to earn cryptocurrencies at the same time. Please, never invest any money in airdrops in any case, claiming Airdrops are completely free. If you think you are missing anything in the airdrop details or have any important query , please do not hesitate to contact our support team. Furthermore, we hope you enjoy claiming your free tokens, so let’s boom into it!

What do I need to perform to receive Airdrop?

It depends on the Airdrop. The steps you need to perform differ per Airdrop. Basically, you need to join their community by following them on their Social handles and fill out some details. Don’t worry, we already prepare a guide for you in every airdrop.

Which wallet is best to receive the Airdrop coins/tokens?

There’s a ton of different wallets around, but you will need one that can accept various network tokens. There are many Blockchain networks on which the tokens are built on. We recommend using Trust Wallet ( for storing Airdrop tokens & crypto as it is easy to use for Beginners and is safe. But many Airdrops need different wallets.

How to find the Best & Legit Airdrops and stay updated about the latest ones?

All the Airdrops we post are already best and legit, so you can participate and join hassle-free. To Stay updated about the latest Airdrops, you just have to subscribe to our newsletter Or Allow Browser Notifications. Moreover, you can also find the latest ones in the Latest Airdrops (